Business Planning

“The business plan is more than a document. First and foremost, it is a process; a process that enables an individual, and more importantly a team, to come together and commit to a business adventure of significant personal and professional risk.

The business plan is a process that evaluates the opportunity, quantifies the resources required and lays out a road map for implementation. The business plan integrates all the functional elements- marketing, sales, operations and finance into a single cohesive force.”

—Concord Business Development

Give Your Business Direction

Whether this is your first plan or your fourth, we invite you to schedule a no-cost appointment with an SBDC consultant. Our consultants will work with you by breaking down the business plan template into sections. By doing so, your consultant will help you identify the most important areas of the plan to focus on as it relates to your business goals. 

Business plans help entrepreneurs prepare for financing, clarify goals, and communicate the business brand. At any stage in business, preparing a plan can give you and your team more direction on next steps for your business. 

Discover more templates, resources, and tips below to help you hone in your  business plan. 

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