SBDC Grant and Funding Database

Running a successful business in today’s economy can be challenging, but your local SBDC is here to help! The Southeast Colorado SBDC’s grant and funding database focuses on helping your business find small business grants.

What type of grants can I apply for as a small business owner?

Federal Grants and Loans

Where do I get a government grant to start a new business?

Unfortunately, there are really no government grants – state or federal – available for starting a business. There are very specific targeted government grants but they rarely apply to start ups. These grants are called Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants. SBIR grants are usually issued by a federal agency that is seeking research and development in specific areas including military weapons development, biotechnology and other high-tech fields. SBIR Colorado (303-427-1312 ext 201) is a non-profit organization that assists entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers in identifying SBIR grant opportunities.

Where do I apply for a government loan?

The vast majority of government loans programs – state and federal – are called guaranteed loans. To apply for these loans, a business owner contacts a bank or any other financial institution which applies to the government for a guarantee on the loan. There are also other forms of private financing for business owners. The Financing Chapter of the Colorado Business Resource Book outlines many of these options. Before speaking to a bank or any seeking any other type of financing, a business owner should realize two important factors:

1. It is very difficult to finance new businesses. The majority of financial resource for a new business will come from the personal assets of the owner and their family and friends. Banks and the government prefer to see a two or three year business history before making a loan, regardless of the age of a business. While this does not eliminate the possibility of financing, it makes the second factor even more important.

2. A complete and well written business plan is critical to any type of financing. SBDC centers provide free one-on-one consulting to assist business owners in the writing of their business plan. The Business Plan Chapter of the Colorado Business Resource Book provides a basic outline for writing a business plan.

Federal Business Grants for Small Businesses include:

Small Business Innovation Research Program
SBIR Colorado encourages small businesses that have commercial potential to engage in research and development. The SBIR focuses on the stimulation of technological innovation and scientific entrepreneurship. Eleven government agencies participate in the program, each creating their own eligibility guidelines, research topics, and review process. Grants range from $150,000—$1,000,000.

Small Business Technology Transfer Program
The STTR requires business applicants to collaborate with a research institution to qualify for funding. Five federal agencies currently participate in the program, setting aside a budget for small businesses. Grants range from $150,000—$1,000,000.

Value-Added Producer Grant
The VAPG Program helps agricultural producers with working capital expenses, ranging from processing to marketing and advertising, to inventory and salary expenses.

Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant
The Department of Agriculture offers the Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant for small business and agricultural producers that are modernizing education and health in rural communities. Grants are prioritized by businesses that use telecommunications for education or health services. Grant Awards range from $50,000- $500,000.

3D Elevation Grant
The Department of the Interior offers the 3d Elevation Grant for small businesses that can creatively leverage LIDAR and map data to develop natural 3D imaging of the nation’s topographical boundaries. Priority to design and technology firms.

Wildlife Grant
The Fish and Wildlife Service offers a Wildlife Grant to help develop programs to benefit wildlife and their habitat, including conservation planning and implementation activities. Grant Awards up to $1,000,000.

Rural Development Energy Program
The Department of Agriculture offers the Rural Energy for America Program to small businesses in eligible rural areas looking to purchase, construct, or install renewable energy system or energy efficiency improvement technologies. You can partner one of these federal business grants with a USDA loan guaranty as well– together they’ll back up to 75% of your eligible project costs.

Federal Agencies offering grant opportunities for small businesses include:

Speak with a member of our team to discuss the Federal grant and loan opportunities available for your business!

State Government and Local Grants

What do state governments and local governments typically fund?

State level small business grants are typically geared to fit the needs of a particular state’s social or economic concerns; therefore, most state government loans work in tandem with both federal loans and other state loans. The funding streams attached to state government loans tend to be less than governmental and private loans. With that said, state loans are significantly more accessible due to lower competition. State and local government grants can be found on the Official Colorado State Web Portal, Colorado.gov

State and Local Government Business Grants for Small Businesses include:

Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program

The Tony Grampsas Youth Service Program provides funding to local organization for prevention, intervention, and education programs for children, youth, and their family designed to prevent youth crime and violence, youth drug abuse, and child abuse and neglect. The grant works on a three-year grant cycle.

Community Development Block Grant

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs offers the Community Development Block Grant for activities that benefit either low and/or moderate income persons, prevent or eliminate slums or blight, or address community development needs that have a particular urgency. Eligible uses of funds include acquisition, design/engineering, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or installation of public improvements or public facilities.

Colorado SIPA Micro-Grant Program

The Micro-Grant program is designed to connect residents to government by putting more information and services online. Micro-Grant funding is for projects that support SIPA’s mission of providing residents access to government through effective and efficient online and mobile technologies. For question about the Statewide Internet Portal Authority’s User Conference & Micro-Grant Program, please contact Bell Justice: (720)-409-5636.

Advanced Industry Tax Credit

The Advanced Industry Tax Credit is a program which provides assistance to Colorado companies operating in seven advanced industries to receive capital from investors.

Aviation Development Zone Tax Credit

The Aviation Development Zone Tax Credit program provides a state income tax credit of
$1,200 per new full-time employee for businesses involved in the maintenance and repair, completion or modification of aircraft located within approved Aviation Development Zone airports.

Colorado Credit Reserve (CCR)

Colorado Credit Reserve (CCR) is a program administered between OEDIT and the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), which increases the availability of credit to small businesses in Colorado by establishing a pooled loan-loss reserve fund that banks or sponsored lending entities may access to recover losses associated with loans registered with the program.

CDBG– Business Loan Funds

CDBG – Business Loan Funds is a locally-driven program involving 14 regions, providing funding used to stimulate economic development initiatives by providing loans and loan guarantees to businesses.

Colorado FIRST

Colorado FIRST is a customized job training program that focuses on companies relocating to or expanding in Colorado and provides funds only to net new hires.

EZ-Vacant Building Rehab

EZ – Vacant Building Rehab is a program that encourages the rehabilitation for commercial use of buildings that are at least 20 years old and vacant for at least 2 years, by providing a 25 percent tax credit on the hard costs of rehabilitation up to $50,000.

Job Growth Investment Tax Credit

The Job Growth Investment Tax Credit is a performance-based program for businesses pursuing job creation projects that would not occur in Colorado without this support.

Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit-Higher Education Partnership

A program for businesses partnering with State Higher Institutions (HEI) to support job growth, academic development and economic expansion.

Rural Jump Start

A program for eligible new businesses and new hires that relocate to Jump-Start Zones.

Colorado Capital Access – SSBCI

A program which grants small and medium sized businesses operating in Colorado access to capital by utilizing a small amount of public resources to encourage financing by eligible lenders and the State’s Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI).

Cash Collateral Support – SSBCI

A program which creates access to capital for small and medium sized businesses operating in Colorado that are having difficulty securing credit because of collateral shortfalls. The program utilizes funds from the State’s Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI).

Strategic Fund Incentive

A performance-based program designed to encourage recruitment, retention and economic growth through Colorado by supporting Colorado Economic Development Commission (EDC) approved businesses that have created and maintained permanent net new jobs for one year.

Advanced Industries Proof of Concept Grant

This grant uses funding to identify and pull technologies from research institutions where they were discovered and connect them to the private sector where they can be developed into products for commercialization.

Advanced Industries Early-Stage Capital and Retention Grant

This grant uses funding to support companies using technologies developed in proof of concept grants and other early stage start-ups that have created viable products that meet a market need and that can be created or manufactured in Colorado and exported globally.

Advanced Industries Infrastructure Funding

This grant uses funding to accelerate commercialization and innovation of advanced industry products and services by building capacity and workforce for the advanced industries ecosystem. The application for this grant is open twice a year in the spring and fall.

Advanced Industries Export Accelerator Program

This is a financial assistance program for aspiring and current Colorado exporters. The grant program supports eligible small and medium-sized business through funds to offset international business development and marketing costs.

Advanced Industries Colorado-Israel R&D Grant

This application is open to Colorado companies that have partnered with an Israeli company and are seeking grant funds to support their joint R&D project/technology.

State Trade Expansion Program

A financial assistance program for aspiring and current Colorado exporters entering into a new international market. This program supports small and medium-sized business through grant funds to offset international business development and marketing costs.

Colorado State Agencies offering grant opportunities for small businesses include:

Speak with your local SBDC state government office about state and local grant funding opportunities near you!

Corporate Grants

What is a corporate grant?

Corporate foundations are private foundations that receive funding from the contributions of a profit-making corporation. These private foundations are a legally separate organization from the parent corporation and focuses specifically in grants, loans, and other funding streams.

Corporate Business Grants for Small Businesses include:

Bank of America Charitable Foundation 
Bank of America is helping to build thriving communities by addressing issues fundamental to economic health and sustainability. They are advancing economic mobility by addressing issues related to: workforce development and education; community development; and basic needs. Applicant must be based and serve communities in Denver.

Bank of the West 
High priority is placed on grants that benefit low to moderate income individuals and communities. Giving categories include: financial education and management training programs; job training and vocational programs, including literacy and basic-skills education, for low to moderate income adults.

Best Buy 
Community grants are given to local and regional nonprofits offering programs that create hands-on access to technology education and tools that teens will need to be successful in their future schooling and careers. Programs should help teens build tech skills by utilizing cutting-edge technology such as computers, digital cameras, video cameras and professional software. Average grant amount is $5,000 and will not exceed $10,000. Program must operate within 25 miles of a Best Buy store.

Home Depot Foundation 
Community Impact Grants program offers non-profit and community based small businesses grants up to $5,000. Grants are given in the form of Home Depot gift cards for the purchase of tools, materials, or services. Their primary goal is to provide grants and volunteer opportunities to support the renovation, refurbishment, retrofitting, accessibility modifications, and/or weatherization of existing homes, centers, schools and other similar facilities.

Walmart Foundation 
The Community Grant Program offers eight areas of funding including Hunger relief and healthy eating, health and human services, quality of life, education, community and economic development, diversity and inclusion, public safety, and environmental sustainability. Awarded grants range from $250 – $2,500.

Wells Fargo 
Strategic focus areas include Education (early learning and literacy, closing the achievement gap, and post-secondary college/career readiness) and Community Development (affordable housing, access to economic opportunity, homelessness, and hunger).

Xcel Energy 
Economic Sustainability Grants support programs that promote workforce development, workforce readiness, specific job skills training, job placement and job creation. Education grants support organizations that improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

Intuit National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Grant 
Intuit, the tax preparation software company, gives small businesses a $4,000 grant in partnership with NASE. This is designed to help small businesses and freelancers take their business to the next level. Intuit usually gives out these small business grants annually.

FedEx Small Business Grants 
FedEx annually awards grants of up to $25,000 to 10 small businesses, nationwide, with its small business grant contest. You can check out the past FedEx small business grant winners—and hear their words of wisdom and warning—on the FedEx site.

Etsy Maker Cities Grant 
If you’re a maker of furniture, crafts, ceramics, fabrics, art, or anything else that Etsy sellers offer, then check out Etsy’s small business grant contest. Only nonprofits and educational institutions are eligible to win this contest, called Maker Cities. However, those recipients support small businesses. This is a great way to get more vintage and handmade goods into the hands of customers.

Girlboss Foundation Grant 
Twice per year, the Girlboss Foundation awards $15,000 to women entrepreneurs who are pursuing businesses in design, fashion, music, or the arts. Your small business grant application will be evaluated based on creativity and innovation in the industry, business acumen, financial need, and business goals for the next year.

Visa Everywhere Initiative 
Visa’s Everywhere Initiative offers grant funding for small business startups with innovative fixes—awarding $50,000 to the final three winners every year.

Nav’s Small Business Grant 
Nav, the business credit monitoring company, offers a small business grant competition to help “take your business to the next level.” Nav awards three prizes: first place wins $10,000, second wins $2,000, and third wins $1,000.

Comcast Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs 
This small business grant contest from Comcast is specifically for business owners who have the best plans for new and developing technology. Grand prize winners receive $20,000 and a trip to Philadelphia to meet with business innovation experts.

Wells Fargo Community Investment 
Offering business grants in nearly every state, the Wells Fargo Community Investment program focuses mainly on nonprofits—but small businesses with the right criteria can qualify, too.

ExxonMobil Foundation 
This philanthropic arm of Exxon Mobile focuses on grant funding for small businesses concerned with eliminating malaria, increasing math and science education, and investing in women’s economic opportunities.

Coca-Cola Foundation 
Coca-Cola’s community-giving branch centers around empowering women, improving access to clean water, and fostering healthy living and youth development.

Patagonia Grants Program 
Patagonia offers grant funding for small businesses who are actively committed to protecting and preserving the environment through their work. This grant program has two deadlines per year and awards range between $10,000 and $20,000.

Kuvio Creative 
Kuvio Creative is a full-service web design and development company that gives back to entrepreneurs who are making a difference by providing them with small business grants and free services. Applications for the Kuvio Impact Grant open three times per year. Grant recipients will have a consultation with the Kuvio team and receive up to 100 hours of free services, such as web design and marketing, depending on the scope of the project. For-profit companies, non-profits, women-owned companies, minority-owned businesses, and veteran-owned organizations from across sectors are welcome to apply.

Speak with your local SBDC about qualifying for a Corporate Grant today!

Elieen Fisher Program 
Awarding $100,000 in grant money to up to 10 recipients, this annual initiative is geared towards small businesses interested in creating environmental and social change—and, of course, companies owned and run by women.

Tory Burch Fellows Program 
This competitive grant-fellows program is designed for women entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and get the support they need to do so. Tory Burch Fellows receive a $5,000 grant, a one-year fellowship with educational and networking opportunities, a trip to the Tory Burch offices, and more.

Cartier Women’s Initiative 
This program offers grants for small businesses run by women with the goal of helping them grow and take their businesses to the next level. Twenty-one finalists are chosen in this Cartier business grant program—14 receive $30,000 and the top seven receive $100,000 each.

The Amber Grant 
With a number of different grant initiatives for women, WomensNet’s Amber Grant program is a great place to look for assistance with your company, especially if you’re looking for grant funding for your small business startup.

American Association of University Women Career Development Grant 
If you’re a woman who holds a B.A. and is looking to advance or change careers, the AAUW’s career development program can help you fund that major life shift.

Women’s Business Centers 
This isn’t a direct grant provider, but rather a database of Small Business Administration-sponsored Women’s Business Centers. Some centers give out small business grants themselves, while others will simply help you find local corporations or foundations that do so. Either way, you’ll want to make sure to check yours out.

Women-Owned Small Businesses Federal Contracting Program 
Although not technically a loan program, the SBA works with women-owned businesses through this program to help them compete for federal contracts. This program also works directly with federal agencies to increase their contracting opportunities for women.

Open Meadows Foundation 
Open Meadows funds projects with $2,000 grants, as long as they’re designed and led by women. The projects should also aid racial, gender, and economic justice. You should note that at the time of this writing, Open Meadows is not accepting small business grant applications, but you’ll want to check back for when they reopen their programming.

The Halstead Grant 
This grant funding opportunity is for small business owners who make and sell jewelry. Although open to men, women tend to be much more active in this industry. You’ll receive $7,500 in cash, $1,000 in Halstead merchandise, and a variety of social media and public relations spotlights.

Idea Café Grant 
This program gives women $1,000 micro-grants for their small business startup. Again, men are free to apply for this grant, but most of the former winners have been women.

Minerals and Mining on Indian Land 
This Department of the Interiors small business grant provides funding to both tribes and individual mineral owners seeking to make use of those resources on Indian lands.

Rural Business Enterprise Grants 
Available to small businesses, the RBEG program offers funds for rural development—including, but not limited to, infrastructural development, working capital for small business startups, purchasing equipment, and real estate development. Smaller requests are actually given higher priority, and grants usually range between $10,000 and $50,000. Federally-recognized Indian tribes are among the eligible applicants.

Community Connect Grants 
If you live or operate in a rural area that lacks an internet broadband speed of three megabits per second or more, and are looking to fix that, then check to see whether you’re eligible for this Department of Agriculture business grant. Indian tribes are also a major target demographic for these programs.

Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program 
Though not explicitly targeted toward small businesses, this grant initiative—like many others—includes federally-recognized tribes among its eligible applicants. If you’re a business owner operating in recognized tribal lands, and you’d like to invest in water or waste disposal, this grant funding could help out.

Minority Business Development Agency 
The MBDA has regular grant competitions for minority business owners, alongside a long list of other resources for you to learn from.

Tribal Energy Development Capacity Grant 
This program gives federally recognized tribes more resources to improve the economic influence of energy development in their areas. Although this grant doesn’t provide grants directly to small businesses, look for the “trickle-down” approach of funneling this government money into your business by securing the right government contracts for your small business.

Small Business Administration Certification Program 
This program is not a grant—however, it is a federally-funded initiative aimed toward helping minority-owned small businesses capture more clients and work, so we decided to include it. The SBA’s 8(a) program guarantees minority-owned businesses special government contracts that they might otherwise not have access to.

Kuvio Creative 
Kuvio Creative is a full-service web design and development company that gives back to entrepreneurs who are making a difference by providing them with small business grants and free services. Applications for the Kuvio Impact Grant open three times per year. Grant recipients will have a consultation with the Kuvio team and receive up to 100 hours of free services, such as web design and marketing, depending on the scope of the project. For-profit companies, non-profits, women-owned companies, minority-owned businesses, and veteran-owned organizations from across sectors are welcome to apply.

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Programs 
Similar to the 8(a) program, the SBA’s SDVOSBP isn’t a grant, but it helps veterans who own businesses get additional contracting opportunities from the government.

Small Business Administration Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Act of 2015 
The SBA’s Veteran Entrepreneurship Act removes the borrower fee on Express Loans of up to $350,000 awarded to veteran-owned businesses. Although this isn’t a grant, removing the fee make SBA loans more affordable for veterans.

StreetShares Commander’s Call Veteran Business Award
This program rewards veterans or military spouses who run businesses with up to $15,000 in grant money.

USDA Veteran and Minority Farmer Grant
The 2501 Program, run by the Department of Agriculture, gives small business grants—as well as education, training, outreach, and other forms of support—to veterans and minorities looking to begin or expand their agricultural operations.

UPS Franchise Discount 
Although not quite a grant, this initiative gives veterans looking to join the UPS franchise a $10,000 discount off the franchise fee, and 50–75% off the initial application fee. The UPS Store ranked as the top participant of the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative program in 2008, and has a large number of its locations run by veteran entrepreneurs.

7-Eleven Veterans Franchising
Similar to UPS and a number of other companies, 7-Eleven offers special benefits to veteran franchisees. If you’re eligible, you can receive up to 20% off the initial franchise fee, up to 65% financing through 7-Eleven, and special financing options.

Little Caesars Veterans Program 
As you’ve seen by now, if you’re a veteran looking to start your own business, franchise financing could be a worthwhile path to pursue. Little Caesars Pizza offers a set of discounts to honorably discharged veterans, including a $5,000 franchise fee discount, a $5,000 credit on the first equipment order, and other marketing and supply services that total up to $30,000. Service-disabled veterans qualify for even more, including a full waiver of the $20,000 franchise fee
and $30,000 worth of other benefits.

Agencies and Companies offering grant opportunities to women, minorities, and veterans in small business include:

Speak with a member of our team to discuss the Federal grant and loan opportunities available for your business!

A Grant for Greatness
Hosted by AT&T Experts, this grant offers $1,000 to unique business ideas submitted in the form of a two-minute video. (Note that if your business is already established, your annual revenue can’t be greater than $20,000.)

AcivityHero Business Grant
Co-sponsored by web hosting service GoDaddy, this grant awards cash and prizes (worth  $15,000) to eight kids camp and activity providers to grow their businesses. To win, fill out an application, get three family reviews, and boost your odds with votes from customers!

4.0 School Fellowships
Fellowships from 4.0 Schools are designed to help business owners who have an idea to improve education in the United States. Your business idea could be a school, technology tool, retail product, or service. Business owners who are just testing the waters on their idea can get mini-grants of $600, and businesses that are further along are eligible for $10,000. The application cycle closes every September.

Jack Daniel’s Pitch Distilled
Jack Daniels hosts an annual pitch competition with the goal of inspiring entrepreneurs to surface the next big idea. Small business startups can apply and if accepted, they’ll pitch their ideas at the Pitch Distilled event to a group of business owners. The winner of this pitch contest will win a $5,000 prize, plus advice and guidance from the judges panel to help make their idea a reality.

Fundera’s Zach Grant
Fundera now hosts a small business grant, giving out $2,500 every year to entrepreneurs looking to start or fund their businesses. All you have to do is submit a video entry to the annual contest explaining why you started your company and follow them on social media.

Agencies and Companies offering grant opportunities to startups include:

Speak with a member of our team for more information about grants and funding opportunities for startups!

Grants from Private Foundations, Community Foundations, and Local Clubs and Organizations

Adolph Coors Foundation 
Special consideration is given to rural Colorado nonprofits. Funding goals are primarily in youth and youth development.

Anschutz Family Foundation 
Grant funding areas include homeless and disadvantaged, youth development, early childhood development, community and capacity building, seniors, and the disabled. Typical grants range from $5,000 to $10,000. General operating or program/project requests within the funding areas are accepted. Does not fund capital campaigns/building construction.

Awesome Foundation 
The Library Pipeline through the Awesome Foundation is offering $1,000 grants for both technical and nontechnical library innovations that embody the principles of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and risk-taking.

Buell Foundation 
Funding available for programs that support the education and development of children zero to five. It is a priority of the Foundation to fund programs in rural Colorado.

El Pomar Foundation 
A general purpose foundation which means grants are approved across a wide spectrum of focus areas including: arts and culture, civic and community initiatives, education, health, and human services. Applications accepted for general operating, program, and capital support. Priority consideration will be provided to capital projects that have received local community and other support.

Ezra Jack Keats Foundation 
The Ezra Jack Keats Mini-grant is an award of up to $500 that the Foundation gives to eligible organizations to provide creative, innovative programs that support or extend the Common Core Standards in education. Programs may serve children from preschool to grade 12. Public schools and libraries may apply.

Next 50 Initiative 
NextFifty Initiative seeks to identify and partner with organizations that are working to improve the lives of the current aging population. The Initiative seeks projects that target the most vulnerable in the aging sector including low income individuals, ethnic minorities, the homeless and LGBT communities.

Pilcrow Foundation 
The Foundation provides a 2-to-1 match to rural public libraries that receive a grant through its Children’s Book Project and contribute $200-$400 through local sponsors for the purchase of up to $1,200 worth (at retail value) of new, quality, hardcover children’s books. Grant recipients can select titles from a list of over 500 books.

Snapdragon Book Foundation 
The foundation provides funding for school/educational libraries that serves disadvantaged youth. Funds may be used for circulating books, processing or cataloguing fees from book vendors, reference materials, and magazine or newspaper subscriptions.

Community Foundation of Northern Colorado 
Primary communities serviced include Berthoud, Estes Valley, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Eastern Colorado. Currently the counties of Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma are included in the Eastern Colorado region. The goal is to expand to include all of Colorado’s Eastern Plains.

Southern Colorado Community Foundation 
The foundation serves an 18 county region throughout Southern Colorado; including the seven counties of Southeast Colorado (Baca, Bent, Crowley, Kiowa, Las Animas, Otero and Prowers. Funding supports health and human services, education, environment and arts/culture.

Association of Junior Leagues International 
The Junior League is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The site has a league locator.

Civitan International 
Civitan has a focus on helping people with developmental disabilities, and funding research into illnesses of the human brain at the Civitan International Research Center, but local clubs do much more.

Elks Club 
State Associations sponsor programs to build stronger communities. Through the Elks National Foundation’s Community Investments Program, Lodges can apply for grants to serve their communities, meeting local needs. The site has a lodge locator to find the Elks lodge closest to you.

Kiwanis International 
The Kiwanis Children’s Fund helps children through service projects promoting: healthy children, educated children, leadership development, and priority children’s issues. The site will help you locate a club in your community.

Lions Club International 
Lions Club International focuses on the following service areas – diabetes, environment, hunger relief, pediatric cancer, and vision. The site will help you locate a club in your community.

The Club supports the following causes: promoting peace; fighting disease; providing clean water; saving mothers and children; supporting education; and growing local economies. The Rotary Foundation offers grants to members of the Rotary Club. Grants are also available to districts to fund small-scale, short-term activities that address needs in the community.

Veterans of Foreign Wars 
The organization is dedicated to establishing programs designed for young people and educators – offering everything from college scholarships to classroom resources for teachers. They also volunteer in opportunities benefiting education, the environment, health sciences and civic projects. 

Speak with a member of our team about private and community foundations, and local clubs and organizations!

Are there other ways to generate funding if my business doesn't qualify for a grant?

Microloans are loans under $50,000 and typically have low eligibility requirements and reasonable interest rates. Most lender organizations which provide grants (such as nonprofits and government offices) also provide microloans.

There are multiple crowdfunding sites where a business can access funds, such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Patreon. After creating an account, pitch your product or service, and simply wait for consumers to donate to your cause. In exchange for consumer donations, your business will be responsible in providing either a “prize,” service coupon, or complimentary product(s) to said consumer. Most crowdfunding sites typically take a percentage of intake; so, be sure to read the rules and regulations carefully.

SBA Loans
SBA loans are another alternative if you’re unable to qualify for a grant, especially a federal government grant like SBIR or STTR. The United States federal government guarantees SBA loans and works with banks to get these loans in the hands of small business owners. You can approach your local bank and see if they provide SBA loans.

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