NOCO Women's Small Business Conference
Presenter Preview

With 2 keynotes, 16 break-out rooms, and 4 panels, NOCO Women’s Small Business Conference is excited to bring you the experience of more than 32+ women leaders. These inspirational women are positively changing their community and understand what it means to be unstoppable. Below is just a preview of what to expect. Follow @EastCOSBDC and @LarimnerSBDC on social media for future presenter announcements.

My Journey of Being Unstoppable
Jennifer Henderson

2% of VC funding goes to female founders. Discover the lessons learned from one female founder during her entrepreneurial journey and how it will require an army of tenacious, unyielding, change-makers to make a difference.

Turn a Contact into a Powerful Connection
Kristi Helzer

Networking is a verb; it signifies action and movement. Thriving networks make things happen. When you share and “CONNECT” with the right people and the right opportunities your career can rev-up and take off. We will delve into the law of abundance and giving freely and willfully to your colleagues. Learn to be intentional and trust your instincts. Successful networking takes practice and capitalizes on multiple forms of communication. You will cultivate skills to be genuine, caring, curious, and confident. Together we will discover tools and polish techniques you can implement successfully to become more memorable!

The Wonder Woman Within
Chalice Springfield

Looking to access and embrace your “Wonder Woman Within?”  Maybe she’s totally vanished and you need to locate her?  This workshop will provide you with real tools to help her emerge and stick-around on a regular basis!

Stress – Learn to Manage the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms
Julie Gold

What if instead of using tips and tricks to ‘manage stress’ we learned to minimize it? ‘Stress management’ is focused at addressing the symptoms rather than the root cause. Join Julie M. Gold, National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach as she explores how women can fundamentally change our relationship with stress by addressing our thoughts, how we treat ourselves, our boundaries and personal expectations. This lively break-out session will be full of thought-provoking ideas, tools, and lots of humor. 

Preventing Workplace Burnout: Taking a Proactive Approach to Mental Health in the Workplace
Becky Lauridsen, LPC

Learn from Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder of IOME, Becky Lauridsen as she equips you with the necessary tools to prevent burnout for yourself and for your team. You will walk away with skills to support creating better work/life balance, understanding the difference between stress and burnout, and overcoming burnout if necessary. Becky is passionate about taking a proactive approach to mental health and believes true self-care is preventative care.

Price Your Service Right
Chrysta Bairre

Competitively pricing your services is a challenge for many service providers, consultants, and freelancers. One of the biggest challenges is getting comfortable selling yourself. As a result, you may underprice your services, offer unnecessary discounts, or work yourself to burnout. In this talk we’ll discuss how to stop under-valuing yourself and over-giving to clients and price your service right so you and your clients are happy and successful!

Embracing Our Inner Power
Betzy Valdez

We’ve all faced adversity in life. In those moments, we allow our inner critic to convince us we’re not powerful or worthy enough. We are simply consumed by doubt and fear. As women, we need to be reminded that we possess a power within, our inner-mentor. She is strong, confident, and well-able. We need to connect and embrace her power.

Upping your Instagram Game in a Post Pandemic World
Jade Shebelski

The pandemic showed us how critical social media is for brand success, especially Instagram. While we were in lockdown, businesses leveraged all social channels to nurture consumers and keep business afloat. However, social media and specifically Instagram, is changing. It’s becoming more than a pretty picture post and morphing into a full-blown communication and search engine channel. As we move toward the post-pandemic social media landscape, executives realize that social media and Instagram are explicitly driving the business forward. As Gen Z becomes buying power, we must realize their reliance on Instagram to learn about brands. In this conversation, we will discuss Instagram’s different “neighborhoods” and which are helpful. What types of content and strategy are reaching consumers in a post-pandemic world.

Does Your Business “Check Out”?
Samantha White

This session will focus on the important financial questions new and growing businesses face. We will review which business entity elections are available, what the differences are, and which may be the best for a growing business. We will discuss different deductions available for small businesses. Finally, we will finish by reviewing what business credits are available.

Your Unique Sales Style- A Roadmap to Closing More Sales
Alison Proffit

You are a unique individual and have a unique business. This is why cookie-cutter sales scripts and strategies often don’t work. These tools don’t take into account the impact that thoughts and emotions may be having on your results– like closing the sale. Imagine if you could see these intangible factors of thoughts and emotions in a tangible way.  In this session, learn how the Energy Leadership model and Index can help you understand your unique sales style AND create a personalized roadmap for more sales success.

Get Focused! Take a 360° Perspective On Your Business
Laurie Ganong Jones

This session gives you a snapshot of how to use GrowthWheel’s 360° Screening Tool to evaluate the health of your business. You will learn how to identify the most important elements of your business right now and create an action plan to keep your business moving forward.  

Follow @EastCOSBDC and @LarimnerSBDC on social media for future presenter announcements.