C3 Foundation of Work Culture: Character + Competence = Consistency

Too often we hire for skill but we fire for character. Discover how an intentional focus on positive character can transform an organization’s culture. 

Through this challenging yet rewarding discussion, we provide attendees with a platform for having meaningful conversations about expectations and defined terms to set those expectations in a non-confrontational format.

  • C1: CHARACTER describes the mental model used to determine one’s actions. In organizations, it includes the cultural norms and values that guide decision making
  • C2: COMPETENCE describes the knowledge and ability needed to do something well, measured against a common standard. It is the ability to solve technical problems.
  • C3: CONSISTENCY is the ability to produce the same results over an extended period of time, which increases trust. This requires a culture of character and competence.

In this conversation, we will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of solving a C1 problem with a C2 solution.

This seminar is offered in a Hybrid format.  Join us in person for lunch or via Zoom if you can’t get away from your desk. 

Meet Our Presenter

Dan Rieves – Is the founder of Bleed Green Team Dynamics. Dan has 30 years of experience as a Ranger with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Larimer County Department of Natural Resources. During his time as a ranger, he led crews that assisted with some of the most trying natural disasters in Colorado history: The 2012 High Park Fire, the 2013 Big Thompson Flood, and the 2020 Cameron Peak Fire. Dan is now a professional speaker and trainer which allows him to share what he learned about doing courageous work, forging teams, defending work culture, and honing personal resilience.

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