Small Business Resources

Anyone can start a business. But to start a business that will succeed and continue month after month to flourish isn’t an easy task. There are essential resources that can help to create long-lasting and meaningful businesses. This seminar will provide information on these type of essential resources such as where to find important data, essential marketing tools, how to work with and organize your business, essential financial and business plan templates, how to build your business team, how to establish and maintain operating capital and how to function and build your business with a plan of action.

Meet Our Presenter

Jesse Esparza, Business Consultant

Jesse Esparza is a certified bilingual (Spanish & English) counselor to the East Colorado, Boulder, and North Metro Small Business Development Centers, providing one-on-one services to individuals as well as group classes in business planning and startup seminars. He has counseled and provided needed services to over 800 new, potential, and existing entrepreneurs.

The registration form asks pertinent information on your business and will take 2-3 minutes to complete. Since we are a federally funded program and offer this conference at a reduced rate, we ask these business and demographic questions so we can continue to offer you this conference at a subsidized cost. If you have any issues with registering or receiving a confirmation code, please email info@eastcoloradosbdc.com or call 970-351-4274.

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