EPIC Series: Who Do You Trust?

FMS Bank and the East Colorado SBDC are proud to present the Monthly E.P.I.C. Series (Entrepreneurs, Professionals, & Investors Community). Each month we bring together members of the business community and a new topic to help you learn new skills or further develop your existing skillset!

Johnny Carson hosted Who Do You Trust? a game show that premiered September 1957. Over 60 years later in October 2018 Papa Roach released a hit single/video under the same title. Whether that question was posed six decades ago or today the answer is all too frequently, hardly anyone. I think most of us agree that the lack of trust in others is a serious challenge inhibiting doing business and building relationships.

If we want to work to solve this trust problem a good place to start might be with the question, why Is It so hard to trust people? A response might be if people were trustworthy, then we could trust them. I concur. That brings up another question. What does it entail to be trustworthy?

Don Overcash, a frequent speaker on this topic, will lead a discussion in this workshop looking at what it means to be trustworthy and how to intentionally develop trust.

Presented by: Don Overcash, Sandler Training – Top Line Growth, LLC.

Don began his career as a pharmacist and developed his entrepreneurial skills through ownership of a community pharmacy in Minnesota. He moved from pharmacy retail to sales and marketing positions with Searle Pharmaceuticals, and then to a Chicago-based healthcare advertising agency whose clients were major pharmaceutical and healthcare device manufacturers. While leading business development efforts at the ad agency, Don gained valuable selling experience, which led him to begin his journey with Sandler Training as a client.

By 2009, Don had served as President/Turn-Around Specialist of four companies in both the public and private sectors. He built business development teams that consistently delivered stellar results. Throughout his career, he maintained his client relationship with Sandler, attributing his success to the expertise he continually gained through its training and reinforcement. With his strong track record and nearly 35 years of business development experience in the healthcare sector, he joined Sandler Training/Topline Growth in 2009 as an authorized trainer and principal. Today he remains passionate about bringing value to organizations and helping individuals to develop and grow through Sandler Training.

He received his B.S. Pharmacy from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy and later earned his MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management. Don is currently serving his community as a City Councilor. And here’s a fun fact that everyone should know: in 1979, Don conceived and co-founded a unique community event, The International Eelpout Festival—Google it!—that has continued for more than 39 years and draws thousands of visitors each winter to Walker, MN, bolstering the region’s tourism industry!

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